Q-1: How Do I Know If I M Registered In Kaspersky Auto Renewal Facility ?

You are registered in Auto-Renewal if you bought your product from the Kaspersky Lab eStore,
and received the Auto-Renewal Plan Terms and Conditions at the time of buy.
If you’re not certain,

  •  Check Quick Order Lookup.
  •  Look under Subscription information.
  • The words “Auto Renew” will come next to billing mode if you are

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Q-2: What S The Difference Among A Kaspersky Renewal And An Upgrade ?

Renewal: If you previously have a Kaspersky product present, and you are happy with your
current security, then a subscription renewal is a great choice for you. For instance, if you have
Kaspersky Anti-Virus and are happy with your product, you should renew your subscription to
Upgrade: If you’d like extra Kaspersky security features or facilities that are

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Q-3: I m Not Certain Which Kaspersky Product I Have ?

To find out which Kaspersky product you have

  •  Double tap on the Kaspersky "K" icon in your device tool tray present in the lower right of your PC.
  •  On the main application window, you will get your product name on the top of the window.

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Q-4: I d Like To Make A New Kaspersky Product Buy But I m Not Certain Which Product Is Correct ?

To help you choose which Kaspersky product is best for your security, please see the
comparison chart in the License Renewal and Upgrade Center of Kaspersky.

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Q-5: If I Renew My Kaspersky Product Before It Ends Will I Lose Time Left On My Subscription ?

If you renew the subscription on your current Kaspersky product, you will not lose left days on
your old subscription. But, you will get a new license, subscription and activation code (also

referred as license key). Your new activation code will by default load the additional days
remaining from your old subscription.

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Q-6: If I Upgrade To A New Kaspersky Product Will My Current Subscription Carry Over ?

If you select to buy a new product via the Kaspersky Lab eStore, you are buying a brand new
license and subscription to a Kaspersky product. Any left out subscription days on your old
product will not carry over to your new product.

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Q-7: How Many PC Will My Kaspersky Renewal Or Upgrade Purchase Secure ?

You may install the product on as many PCs and devices your specific license lets. Most
Kaspersky devices allow for installation on 1-3 PCs.
If you bought a multi-device license, you can install the software on 3-5 PC devices (depending
on the license), comprising computers, Android tablets, Macs, and smart phones.
The number of computer devices on which the product

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Q-8: Can I Renew My Kaspersky Subscription From My Software Menu ?

Yes. To renew from your product:

  •  Double tap on the Kaspersky “K” icon in your computer tool tray present in the lower right of your PC to open the main           application window.
  •  Click on the key button.
  •  In the window that opens, tap the Renew button
  •  This opens a Web page with the

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Q-9: Once I Finished My Kaspersky Renewal Or Upgrade Acquisition What Are My Next Steps ?

  • Once you finish your purchase you should download, install, and activate your product:
  • Download the latest version of your Kaspersky Lab program from your order    confirmation page or email, or from our Web site: Kaspersky Lab Product Updates
  • Save the installation file to your PC in an easy-to- find spot like your Desktop or My 

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Q-10: I Don t Know Where To Download My Kaspersky Product Where Can I Find It ?

You can download the latest version of your Kaspersky Lab program from your order email or
from our Website: Kaspersky Lab Product Updates.

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Q-11: I Cannot See My Kaspersky Activation Code Where Is It Mentioned ?

See your order email, if you bought online; the CD sleeve, if you also purchased a back-up disc
online; or inside your DVD case, if you purchased in-store, for the code. You can see your
activation code through Quick Order Look Up.
The code will be four sets of five characters and appears like XXXXX-XXXXX- XXXXX-XXXXX.

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Q-12: The Installation Method Says I Have Incompatible Software How Can I Eliminate It ?

The Kaspersky software is skilled of eliminating most incompatible software on its own; but
there can be times where it requires some help.
To support with the removal other incompatible programs, please see our list of removal tools
for contradictory 3rd party software.

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Q-13: How Do I See My Kaspersky Order Number ?

Your order number can be seen on your order email, together with your order password, which
lets you to see your order through Quick Order Look Up.
If you cannot see your order email, you can login by giving the end four digits of your debit or
credit card and your email address.

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Q-14: How Do I See My New Kaspersky Subscription Date ?

  • Double tap on the Kaspersky “K” icon in your PC tool tray present in the lower right of your PC to open the main    application window.
  •  Tap on the key button.
  •  The window that opens will show your license details, including your expiration date.
  •  The expiration date is written in the format DD/MM/YY.

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Q-15: Can I Transfer My Kaspersky License From An Old PC I m No Longer Having That Old Computer ?

Yes. If you want to transfer Kaspersky security from one PC to another, you must uninstall the
software from the old PC, and then install it on the current PC. Later on you will be able to start
the application. If your old PC is defective or unusable, you don’t have to uninstall the software.

Visit our Download Page to download the software. Visit our

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